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5x7 journal proof box

Hand crafted in the Ukraine, this genuine leather and wooden proof box is a unique way to display your printed memories. It would be a beautiful addition to your coffee table or desk keeping your fine art prints perfectly preserved.

5x7 Leather Journal Box
40 Fine Art Prints
Shipping & Handling


Dark oak
5x7 proof & usb Box

Handmade in the Ukraine, these wooden display boxes make an excellent addition to your home or office to display your beautiful printed images. Made of dark oak and glass, this bright and stylish wooden keepsake is functionality and beauty in one package. Helping you store your memories beautifully.

5x7 Dark Oak Box
USB with gallery images
40 Fine Art Prints
Shipping & Handling



floating glass frame

An ideal accent to any wall, the Floating Frame touts effortless style with sleek brass bolts. Pick a photo to be printed on premium fine art paper and create a statement piece worthy of your most favorite space.

Each frame includes a printed fine art print with your image of choice. Perfectly floating in your sleek, modern frame ready for you to hang in your home.



Brass easel calendar

This modern stand-alone piece artfully combines a solid brass easel with premium quality papers to bring you a beautifully unique desk or tabletop display. Keep your memories on display in a non-overwhelming way!

Included is 12 of your favorite images perfectly put together into a calendar design of your choice. Choose to give it to a loved one as a gift or to enjoy it all year round.

Brass Easel
12 month personalized Calendar pages
Shipping and handling



Cork & Brass stand with prints

This stand is crafted with sustainable materials, it's an honorable gift for the ones who mean most. The Portuguese cork is weighted with solid brass delivering a design forward way of displaying your printed art. This stand comes with 10 5x5 Fine Art Prints of your favorite images. A perfect gift for a special someone or a clean and simple way to display your printed portraits.

Cork & brass stand
10 - 5x5 Fine art prints
Shipping and handling