Phoenix Family Photographer - Meet The Blooms

Phoenix Family Photographer

Meet The Blooms


Sometimes when it’s raining outside and you are surrounded by mountains and dry land, you need just dance. 5 years married for this couple, 4 months postpartum and still as stunning as ever.
I’m proud of you, friends. Cheers!


Two kids down and you still got it. I’m excited for the miracles God will do for you and through you...because his love is why you dance. These worship leaders live with their hearts on their sleeve, and sing through the storm. They truly believe this is the only way to be victorious in all of life’s turbulence; to praise and worship Jesus!


These two are committed to unconditionally loving each other, their family, their church and their community the best they can. I can see the light on their faces. These Bloom’s are blossoming in love every time I see them. I will never forget what Mama Bloom said, “I still believe him when he tells me I’m beautiful.” Thank you for gifting me with your contagious joy while you genuinely danced, romanced and celebrated one another.


Happy 5 Years Bloom’s! What a fun way to celebrate an anniversary. Although children are the sweetest reward, not every photoshoot needs to be about the kids. Love deserves celebration. Love is the beginning and the end...and everything in between.


“I still believe him when he tells me I’m beautiful.”

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