Phoenix Couple Photographer - Sean & Mindy



Anyone who has experience in the medical field, understands the consistent awareness and need to analyze all the possible negative outcomes. It can certainly affect your peace of mind in your everyday personal life. Let these two be a testament that it IS possible, to have joy and peace in the middle of this anxious driven industry we call medicine. 


Meet Sean and Mindy. Mindy is a nurse, currently in school to be an NP and Sean is a Pharmacist.  


Just a pinch of pups, a hint of laughs, a dash of romance,  and Voilà! These magic moments together helped them forget the rest of the world and reminded them why they choose each other again. This is one of the many reasons why I do what I do. I’m honored to have been the one to capture these moments of joy and freedom on Mindy’s face!


You can certainly tell when someone is striving, opposed to someone who is embodying! This woman BECOMES joy around her husband, and it is the most beautiful, surrendered, courageous quality! Talk about true confidence! There is no trace of insecurity here. If only this contagious positivity came in pill form! How does she do it? Welcome sure today was a good day. And although we have bad days, Love is a daily choice. And I’m willing to bet this couple would say yes, a thousand more times.

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